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The Fund for Women and Girls leads and unites the Chester County community through philanthropy and advocacy to ensure that women and girls have opportunities and resources to thrive. Since 1996, we have supported women and girls through various efforts, including fundraising, grantmaking, and educational opportunities. Since our inception, we have awarded more than $3.5 million in grants to 80 nonprofit organizations addressing critical needs.

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The Fund for Women & Girls
113 E Evans St
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West Chester, PA 19380


Executive Director

West Chester, PA

Job Overview and Requirements

About the Organization

The Fund for Women and Girls leads and unites the Chester County community through philanthropy and advocacy to ensure that women and girls have opportunities and resources to thrive. Since 1996, we have supported women and girls through various efforts, including fundraising, grantmaking, and educational opportunities. Since our inception, we have awarded more than $3.5 million in grants to 80 nonprofit organizations addressing critical needs.

Our Blueprint Reports have analyzed and provided critical data on the importance of this work and informed resource allocation. The Blueprint is a go-to source of information for our community-based partners and a champion for addressing the needs of women and girls.

In 2021, the Fund stepped up as an innovative and bold catalyst, convener, and collaborative partner and invested more than ever in providing local women and girls with the support and resources they need to thrive. 

Our team and Board are a collection of passionate individuals who, through various lived experiences, backgrounds, and connections, wish to make a difference in the lives of women, girls, and their families in the Chester County area and beyond. Collaboration and communication are vital components to our success. We value each person's contribution and commitment to our larger goal, and we celebrate our wins every step of the way. Our six guiding principles (Equality, Security, Community, Knowledge, Inclusion, Integrity, and Strength) are what align us as a cohort and keep us focused on our goals. Check out our Annual Report to learn more about them.

For more information about our organization and the position, please check out our article on Generocity.  

Job Summary 

To contribute to the mission, the Executive Director is responsible for the executive leadership and day-to-day management of the Fund, including strategy, grantmaking, non-grantmaking activities, fundraising, and business operations. The Executive Director will provide strategic executive leadership to sustain, elevate, and enhance all organization activities. One of the first major projects our new ED can look forward to contributing to is updating our strategic plan for 2022 onward.

Having existing and strong community roots is preferred and imperative to the role's success; however, we are willing to consider a candidate with a passion for our mission, excellent rapport, and a thoughtful plan of action to hit the ground running.  Respect, knowledge, and passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion are also important as we are an organization that champions these initiatives and embeds DEI into our everyday practices. This is a full-time position, hired by and directly accountable to the Board of Directors through its elected Board Chair.



Strategic Executive Leadership 

  • Set overall organizational direction and develop strategies and tactics to ensure that the organization fulfills its mission.

    • Initiate and manage the strategic planning process, considering and integrating Board, staff, and stakeholder's input.

    • Develop annual operating plans to support strategic and operating plan implementation, and subsequently monitoring the progress of those plans.

    • Communicate and monitor strategies, plans, and evaluations clearly to maintain consistent work focus, direction, and accountabilities.

    • Ensure the guiding principles of the Fund are applied to all facets of the organization.

  • Provide support, leadership, and communication to the Board of Directors and committee chairs.

    • Consult and partner with Board Chair on overall organizational leadership and Board management, and provide leadership and coordination for Board level planning.

    • Ensure executive summaries are communicated to the Board regarding committee activities.

    • Work with staff to present documents and reports (such as progress reports, financial statements) to enhance Board decision-making and fiscal oversight.

    • Bring policy issues and recommendations to the Board for action or update.

    • Consult with Board officers and committee chairs between Board meetings about day-to-day strategy and management issues needing guidance and resolution.

    • Ensure alignment between the committees that support the overall strategic plan and objectives. 

    • In conjunction with the Governance Committee, identify and recruit Board members and volunteers on an ongoing basis.

    • Work with Board to develop, enhance and maintain strong governance practices.

Fundraising and Development

  • Oversee the development and communications activities of the organization.

  • Ensure goals, committees, and plans are established and implemented for all fundraising activities.

  • Work closely with staff and Board to develop actionable fundraising plans. 

  • Enlist Board and volunteers to participate in implementing various fundraising and communications projects.

  • Participate directly in the solicitation of major donors, gifts, and philanthropies.

  • Meet regularly with major donors to cultivate relationships and solicit donations.

  • Meet regularly with key institutional donors (organization and corporate) to explore possible partnership and funding opportunities and solicit donations.

  • Assist in writing or reviewing essential fundraising and communications materials (grant proposals and publications).

  • Work with the Board and committees specifically to implement the Compass Services plans.

    • Implement recommendations to increase variation in funding diversity and donor approach, including funding methods, sources, and levels of commitment.

Financial Management

  • Manage the organization's financial resources and develop budgets aligned with operating and strategic plans. 

    • Oversee Operations Director in budget development, management, and all fiscal activities.

    • Review and monitor financial statements and reporting to manage the organization's performance concerning the budget.

    • Review and understand the annual 990 Tax Returns, audits, and compliance.

    • Make financial decisions within the general confines of the budget.

    • Act as liaison with the Finance and Investment Committee.

    • Keep Board current on the organization's financial performance.

    • Work effectively at an executive level with an outside accountant and investment consultants as needed.


  • Represent the organization in the community and among key stakeholders to advance and communicate the organization's mission.

    • Oversee Communications and Program staff in the execution of the communication plan.

    • Act as a leader in the community to advance the principles of the Fund, including equality, inclusion, and diversity. 

    • Network within the women's, philanthropic and nonprofit communities.

    • Act as the Fund's key representative, spokesperson and speaker at events, conferences, and to the media to increase the visibility of its efforts.

    • Forge and participate in coalitions and partnerships of funders with women's organizations and community groups.


  • Oversee programs for grantmaking, education, and advocacy initiatives.

    • Work with Grants Policy Committee in developing policies, grant guidelines, evaluations for all grant programs 

    • Prepare and guide Grants Allocation Committee in their role

    • Serve as primary contact for all grant inquiries following the Fund's commitment to an inclusive and diverse grantee population.

    • Participate directly in grant review and decision-making process. 

      • Conduct Site Visits, as needed.

      • Actively manages grantee partner relationships.

      • Ensure grantmaking evaluation results are submitted. 

      • Work with staff to coordinate a successful and meaningful annual Grants Celebration that reflects the unique role of the Fund.

  • Provide recommendations to the Board and staff for Impact Grants to support pressing community needs.

  • Oversee Girls Advisory Board and GirlGov.

  • Spearhead advocacy efforts

    • Cultivate relationships with elected officials and other key stakeholders 

    • Ensure the Fund's position as the region's most trusted advocate for women and girls 

  • Develop and implement educational materials, forums, conferences, and meetings to highlight the Fund's priorities

  • Oversee research and public education efforts, including the Fund's Blueprint 

Administrative and Human Resource Management:

  • Manage the office staff in their performance of all administrative operations.

  • Create a positive and productive work environment.

  • Provide leadership and guidance to staff to accomplish strategic and targeted objectives, including the oversight of all human resource management and administrative functions.

  • Develop and implement staffing plans and organizational structure to meet the organization's operational needs. 

  • Maintain and update personnel policies adhering to federal, state, and local regulations related to employment.  

  • Ensure staff adheres to these policies, ethical guidelines, and guiding principles of the Fund.  

  • Ensure all job descriptions are up-to-date.

  • Ensure personnel files are complete, compliant, and properly maintained.

  • Define a process to periodically review the salary and benefits packages in conjunction with Board.

  • Ensure that staff evaluations occur regularly using appropriate evaluation tools.

  • Provide system for staff orientation, development and training.

  • Establish and address employee productivity and performance standards, up to and including managing corrective action and termination processes.


Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive salary based on skills and qualifications

  • Medical, Vision and Dental benefits 

  • Retirement plan with employer matching 



  • Bachelor’s degree or work equivalent. 

  • Relevant nonprofit management experience is required. Experience at a Director level or higher is highly preferred

  • Demonstrated experience with multi-faceted fundraising operations

  • Demonstrated success in working with the diverse perspectives and needs of women

  • Well regarded in women’s, nonprofit and philanthropic communities

  • Exceptional leadership, management, supervisory and motivational skills; functions well as part of the leadership team.  Able to manage and support board of directors and committee volunteers.

  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of nonprofit and organizational operations and administrative management,

  • Understanding of women’s issues, organizations, and philanthropy

  • Able to manage operations and supervise employees; works as an effective and proactive team-player. 

  • Possesses critical, analytical thinking to synthesize complex information and identify, evaluate, problem solve and give direction regarding problem resolution for individual and organization-wide issues.

  • Make decisions and solve problems independently, effectively and creatively.

  • Possess a thorough, organized and detail-oriented approach to work.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including public speaking and interpersonal skills

  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Collaboration, networking and relationship-building skills.